Two days ago, I was in the bank to make withdrawals using the Automated Teller Machine, (ATM) located in the bank premises. The queue was unusually long and each
user spent at least 4-5 minutes on a transaction! I have never liked a slow system, I just don’t know why…
The bank was the only one around and so its ATM; this frustrated the users on the queue including me. To my amazement, the security guard who heard our rantings
and complaints turned to us and said “Would you prefer a slow and secure transaction to a fast process which does little or no verification before dispensing cash?”
His claim was that the process was slow because the machine was doing a lot of security checks on each of the transaction. – whether this claim was right or wrong,
whether “this system’s behaviour” was ideal or not is a topic for another day’s discussion. However, I didnt just laugh his statement off like every other person he was
addressing – I said to myself “If this guy understands security in payment systems, who should not?”

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