Once, I spotted a tiny rat in my mother’s pen house and I was bent on either killing it or chasing it out of the house. Luckily for me, I was able to chase it out through the hole it had dug in the wooden door. I was convinced that I just accomplished one part of the task, the other part was blocking the hole which if not done
would be tantamount to a wasted efforts as regards the chasing out of the tiny creature. Unfortunately, the only item in view was a long straight cylindrical rod. As I tried to block the hole with the rod, I discovered some amount of open space are still left all around the rod where the rodent or a more dangerous animal like snake can find its way into the pen.
Because of the risks we face if the hole is left un-blocked, someone had to stay in the pen house keeping an eye over the hole while I looked for a suitable item to block it!

The same way an organization exposes itself to many risks when the wrong resources are used in software development efforts, most of the times the outcome is failure of the software to meet the business requirements or creation of loopholes where frauds can be perpetrated.

In the pre-automation era, processes were extremely long, dis-organized, involved a lot of human intervention and of course prone to errors from ommission etc. System Automation has come to simplify business processes but will only realize its full benefits if it is well applied. All software engineers know that the most important but often overlooked aspect of software development is ‘Software Requirement Analysis and Feasibility Study’. During this stage, the proposed project is thoroughly considered vis a vis the business requirements to ensure that the proposed software solution is indeed needed and that when developed, it will satisfy the business requirements. Time spent in this process is not a wasted one. As a matter of fact, any developement effort that does not take into consideration this important step is bound to fail. Such projects are often characterized by re-work and infinite delivery time.

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